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metanoeo in business

Discover how we can work with your business to create value for you and society.


There are many ways we could partner with your organisation to help build the wellbeing and reilience of your staff whilst also making a difference to the life of your community and demonstrating your corporate social responsibility (CSR).

At Metanoeo, we understand businesses form a major part of our communities and believe in the power of business to do good. We are committed to building wellbeing in business as part of building wellbeing in the community.

continued professional development (cpd) for life coaches

We offer a variety of training provisions that can help your staff develop, both off the shelf and bespoke. 


If your staff work with people, we offer a clinical supervision service to help them debrief and learn.

the life garage

Find out how our Life Garage materials might be used to support your staff to improve their wellbeing.

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