supervision for life coaches

Supervision for life coaches and people who work with people


We recognise that being committed to the ongoing development and support of community-based life coaches includes providing options for supervision.

As such we have developed individual and group supervision offers to promote ongoing learning and accountability along with an affordable supervision subscription service.

We also offer individual supervision for those who prefer to have a 1-2-1 discussion. This is especially useful for discussing individual cases in a confidential environment.

Using theories from the world of coaching supervision you can expect:

  • Time to debrief about your cases
  • Personal development based on learning from your cases
  • The opportunity to ask questions

Naturally, with a coaching focus, the supervision session will be driven by you and what you need from supervision.

A single 90 minute supervision session at a cost of £70. You can choose to opt for a zoom meeting or a meeting in person (dependent on location).





Metanoeo Practice Exploration Group

Informal Group Supervision

We offer a bi-monthly informal group supervision event which we call the Metanoeo Practice Exploration Group. This is a place where guild members can share their coaching experiences with a group of peers and reflect on new insights and learning.

You can choose to attend on a regular basis, or ad-hoc. Sessions are held online and are semi-structured. Sessions last for 90 minutes.

At just £10 per session (plus booking fee) this is an affordable and accessible way of continuing your learning through reflecting on coaching practice with your peer group.

Metanoeo Guild Plus+

Supervision subscription service

As part of our commitment to professional development we now offer Metanoeo Guild Plus+, a quarterly supervision service. Each supervision appointment is one-to-one, in-person or online, and lasts 90 mins allowing time for debriefing and case-based learning.

We provide this service at a cost of £240 when paid upfront annually, or if paid monthly, for £21.99 per month with a minimum twelve-month commitment.

You can subscribe to Metanoeo Guild Plus+ using the adjacent buttons which will take you yo PayPal. Once we have confirmed your subscription we will send you a link to book your first supervision session.