About Us


The vision, mission and aims of Metanoeo CIC


Our vision to to see #wellbeing4all. To achieve this we have set our mission to partner with individuals, businesses and community organisations with the aim of empowering and equipping people for their personal transformation and that of others.

We believe that all people are not only equal, but also individual. Rather than make judgements on externals such as gender, ethnicity, or any other visible identifier, we prefer to consider each person for who they are beyond any category they might have been associated with.


You may also have noticed that our colours are warm, earthy and grounded, yet also creative, optimistic and hopeful. This is because we are ambitious to see all people in our communities reach and exceed their potential and become the most authentic version of themselves.

We believe that in partnering with people like you, together we can journey from understanding to transformation in our communities.


We strive to fulfil our vision, mission and aims through upholding the following values:

Being open and inclusive

Approaching our work in a manner which is respectful and valuing of the dignity of all.

Being hopeful

Believing in the potential for individual and social change.

Being holistic, committed, considered and creative

Taking a positive approach to working with individuals, organisations and communities.


As a social enterprise we believe profits are to facilitate our mission rather than be our goal.

We therefore seek to make sure all our training and workshops provided our students with excellent value for money. We also reinvest all our profits into our work guaranteeing that at least 10% of the sales of all our training goes into the Metanoeo Foundation to provide free places on our life coach training.

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