About Us


You may be wondering about our name, Metanoeo.

Metanoeo (pronounced met-a-no-e-o) is a word from koine (ancient everyday) Greek which means to engage the whole of your being to turn your life around. It comes with a positive feel to it in its orginal language and we feel it sums up the spirit of what we're all about.


Initially established in 2014 as a community life coaching project in LIverpool, UK by our founder Dr Dave Wood we have grown in to a unique social enterprise focused on brining life coaching to the community as a tool to live life well.

We now fulfil our mission to make it accesible for all to live life well through offering 1-2-1 life coaching, unique, innovative wellbeing resources, and training and supporting community-focused life coaches.


We believe that all people are not only equal, but also individual. Rather than make judgements on externals such as gender, sexuality, (dis)ability, ethnicity, or any other visible identifier, we prefer to consider each person for who they are beyond any category of which they might have been associated.


You may also have noticed that our colours are warm, earthy and grounded, yet also creative, optimistic and hopeful. This is because we are ambitious to see all people in our communities reach and exceed their potential and become the most authentic version of themselves.


Underpinning our work are our core values.

open and inclusive life coach training uk social enterprise

Open and inclusive

Approaching our work with respect and valuing of the dignity of all.

hopeful life coach training uk social enterprise

Hopeful and holistic

Believing in the potential for individual and social change.

holisitic committed considered creative life coach training uk social enterprise

Considered and creative

Combining theory and application with playfulness and commitment.