Cultivating Coaching Cultures


Transforming practice culture toward co-production.


Equipping people to transform their practice and workplace to operate from a coaching culture rather than a fixer mentality.

Cultivating Coaching Cultures is a blended learning programme which combines exploration of ideas, theories, practice, reflection, and experience. The programme comprises an initial two-day core teaching block which is then consolidated through an exploration group and a one-to-one tutorial.

The Cultivating Coaching Cultures programme is a structured yet reflexive co-produced programme using blended learning to enable participants to foster a coaching culture within their working environment. Whilst it is not designed to specifically train people as coaches, it is intended to cultivate them operating in a coaching style.

The programme is delivered over two three-hour core taught sessions, one two-hour exploration group and a one-hour one-to-one tutorial for each participant. The course is supported with additional resources through our online portal.

Added Value

As with all our other courses this also includes life-long membership of Metanoeo Guild, our own alumni support network.


Enrolment on the Cultivating Coaching Cultures course costs just £159 per person.

Enrolment Requirements

There are no specific requirements to undertake this programme other than:


  • A willingness to engage in all the learning materials and to dedicate time out of sessions to engaging with the additional learning materials, personal reflection, and application.
  • A context in which you can apply the principles in work (either with staff, volunteers, or service users) and a willingness to discuss your application and learning in a small group setting.

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Our next course will run over three Monday mornings on Zoom on 16th and 23rd September and 14th October 2024.

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