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The Metanoeo Guild is our going network to support life coaches to transform communities.


Members come from a diverse background with a variety of experiences and interests. What unites us is a commitment to the principles of making wellbeing a reality for all.


Why are we structured as a Guild instead of a traditional company?


The medieval guild structure was designed to empower its members with independence whilst providing the interdependence of a support and trade network.


We have rethought and refreshed the guild concept to provide a practical yet liberating structure for our members to be able to work together and support one another.

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By becoming a member of the Metanoeo Guild you are becoming part of a movement of people looking to transform the lives of individuals and society.


As a guild community we seek to collaborate and support one another, but there are also additional specific benefits paid for through your membership:



Our membership is accessible and supportive.


Our life coaching students get one year's free membership included in their course fee, but if you are a life coach already working in the community setting who would also like to access the benefits of Metanoeo Guild membership then you can apply below.


We ask that you make a commitment to practice ethically. We have adopted the Association for Coaching's Global Code of Ethics as our ethical standard and would therefore ask that you commit to practicing to these standards*.


To apply today, simply click the button below to apply.

* If you are found not to be practicing according to these standards then we reserve the right to terminate your membership of the Metanoeo Guild. If your profession requires practice above and beyond these standards we would expect you to comply with those in addition to the Association for Coaching's Global Code of Ethics.


Metanoeo CIC includes Metanoeo Academy, Metanoeo Guild and the Metanoeo Foundation to ensure we not only train people to transform communities but also continue to support them and be committed to our communities.

Together we can take the journey from undertanding to transformation.




Metanoeo CIC is a community interest company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales company no 9589741..

Metanoeo CIC is also registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers registration number 10052875.

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