Working with business


creating corporate social responsibility (CSR)social value and #wellbeing4alol through partnering with business


There are many ways we could partner with your organisation to help build the wellbeing and reilience of your staff whilst also making a difference to the life of your community and demonstrating your corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Below we have highlighted our entrepreneurship scheme but you might also consider:

  • Using us a a training provider for wellbeing or staff development training events.
  • Using us to provide wellbeing services for staff.
  • Offering us 'in kind' support such as the use of your facilities and resources.

Building wellbeing in business


According to the Centre for Mental Health one in six workers will experience depression, anxiety or problems relating to stress at any one time. They estimate the cost to UK businesses is nearly £26 billion per year which is the equivalent to £1,035 for every employee in the UK workforce (1).

At Metanoeo CIC we have come up with an innovative response which not only improves the wellbeing of your staff and reduces the cost of staff absence for your organisation, but also helps the community.


For an investment starting at just £595 for our basic package, you can sponsor the training of a community wellbeing life coach using our unique training programme, help them to turn it in to a social business and in return you and the community will gain their life coaching accreditation placement hours. You will gain:


  • Three one-hour coaching sessions for six members of staff (£900 in value) (2).
  • A potential saving of £6,210 in employee absence based on the average figure from the Centre for Mental Health.
  • Three one-hour coaching sessions for up to six members of the public through our partnership with community projects (£900 in value).
  • The opportunity for you to promote your business in the community through the sponsorship of the trainee.
  • A report detailing the monetary value of the community intervention offered through your investment; useful for sharing for promotional and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) purposes.

(1) Source: Centre for Mental Health, accessed 23/05/18

(2) As you will gain eighteen hours of coaching the number of sessions can be tailored according to need. For example, three people could have six sessions each. Further sessions could also be purchased by the employee with a 20% discount.

Building wellbeing in the community


As part of our initial Community Wellbeing Entrepreneurship cohort, ‘S’, decided to combine her own experiences of struggling with domestic abuse and poor mental health to explore the idea of starting a self-help group.

She is now beginning the journey of becoming self-employed with her idea starting a support group for women who have suffered similar experiences to herself. She has also experienced an improvement in her own mental health and wellbeing which she puts down to the self-understanding, skills and improved confidence she has taken from the course.


 “The programme has helped me gain confidence and belief in what I would like to do in the future”

‘S’ June 2018


Gaining coaching from someone like ‘S’ gives your staff the opportunity not only to improve their wellbeing through life coaching, but also provides an opportunity for them to be inspired and energised by the story of a community member’s story of change.


Investment: £595 | Value of coaching: £1,800 | Social value: £23,750


Saving to society - individual’s improvement in mental wellbeing: £12,574 (3) 

Saving to society - community’s improvement in mental wellbeing: £11,1764 (4)


Potential saving to your business: £6,210

(3 and 4) Based on the Housing Association Communities Trust recognised Mental Health and Life Satisfaction: The Relationship between the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale and Life Satisfaction