Metanoeo CIC is an organisational member of the Association for Coaching, an independent, not-for-profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising the awareness and standards of coaching, worldwide.

Student Membership of the Association for Coaching

As such, we have designed our training to be in line with the practice and membership requirements of the Association for Coaching. As a student on our coaching courses you will be registered as a Student Member of the Association for Coaching. We include this in our course price as we believe installing a commitment to membership of a professional body is essential for our student’s ongoing professionalism as a life coach.

Coaching Competency Framework

During your course you will be guided through the Association for Coaching’s Coaching Competency Framework ensuring you are trained to meet the rigorous ethics and practice standards required for full membership of the Association for Coaching. You will also be supported to complete the required portfolio to apply[1] to become a full member of the Association for Coaching upon successful completion of your course and twenty-five practice hours.

Full membership of the Association for Coaching entitles you to use the letters MAC (Member of the Association for Coaching) after your name to demonstrate the professionalism with which you intend to coach others. It also enables you to advertise your services on their website and access their wide range of members benefits.

Metanoeo Guild Membership

Both our Certificate and Diploma in Life Coaching come with one-year’s membership of the Metanoeo Guild included[2]. This provides you with ready-made access to the supervision and continued professional development opportunities (CPD) required to practice in accordance with Association for Coaching standards.

Metanoeo CIC is a registered training provider, listed on the UK Register of Learning Providers (registration number 10052875).

[1] Please note that application for full membership of the Association for Coaching comes at an additional cost to the individual making the application and is not included in your course training fees. At the time of writing this cost’s £140 per annum.

[2] Annual renewal cost is £35 at the time of writing.

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Metanoeo CIC includes Metanoeo Academy, Metanoeo Guild and the Metanoeo Foundation to ensure we not only train people to transform communities but also continue to support them and be committed to our communities.

Together we can take the journey from undertanding to transformation.




Metanoeo CIC is a community interest company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales company no 9589741..

Metanoeo CIC is also registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers registration number 10052875.

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