Individuals are all different and so we provide a unique combinations of units for you to choose from in completing your training

Independent Learning or Taught Classes

We appreciate that different people learn best in different ways. At Metanoeo Academy we therefore offer two different ways to complete our courses:

Taught Classes

For those who like to learn in a group setting, we offer weekly online taught sessions which are supported by an online portal where you can access a range of supporting materials.

Independent e-Learning

For those who prefer to study on their own and at their own

convenience, we are currently developing our own online learning platform where you will be able to access pre-recorded sessions with a range of additional material on demand. As there is less face-to-face contact, our online units are offered at the lower price of £99 per unit.

Personal Support

Which ever option you choose, taught or independent e-learning, all of our unit's come with a personal live one-to-one tutorial via video-link or in person dependent upon location. The tutorial is ideal for talking through your learning on the unit, and discussing any questions you might have about the materials, your assessment, or how you are going to apply the principles in practice.


We recognise people have different learning styles and train to become life coaches for a variety of reasons. So, we have two core options with add on options to meet your requirements and deliver these by both independent study and taught session.

Certificate in Life Coaching


Our entry level life coach training is aimed at those with a general interest in finding out about the fundamentals of what life coaching is and how it's done and those who want to offer free support to other members of their community, friends and family. It comprises one-unit PC101: Peer Coaching and will provide you with the skills you need to undertake short simple coaching interventions with others.

Our Certificate in Life Coaching is aimed primarily at those with an interest in life coaching but do not intend at this stage to pursue life coaching on a more professional level. To complete pur certificate enrol on PC101: Peer Coaching. As all our training is modular, you can upgrade to our diploma at a later date.


Diploma in Life Coaching


Our Diploma in Life Coaching will provide you with the perfect start for your professional development as a life-coach. Our units have a particular focus on wellbeing and the community but will equally prepare you for working in a variety of sectors including executive, educational and more general life-coaching.

The two core units for our diploma are PC101: Peer Coaching and LC201: Life Coaching. We also have options for you to choose from a further three units:

The additional units are also available to be completed as stand alone units post completion of the Diploma. However, when booked as part of a Diploma package, they are offered at a reduced cost.

Student Membership of the Association for Coaching

Both our Certificate and Diploma in Life Coaching come with one-year Student Membership of the Association for Coaching included providing you with a solid start to your development as a life-coach.

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