community co-production is the dna of our life coach trainign as a social enterprise

Simple structures

Metanoeo CIC has been structured to ensure its maximum possible resource would always be focused on delivering the organisations mission through the services it provides. We believe to do this requires minimum hierarchy and an accountability structure which works. You can see how we're doing with this on the table below.




Legal accountability and overall organisational responsibility are held with our board of directors. Details of our current directors are listed on the Companies House website.


Community Oversight


We work closely with our stakeholders in each project we undertake to ensure our projects are co-produced with the needs of our stakeholders and communities.

re-investing our spending in the local community economy

Community shaped


We are responsive to the community's desires and assets.


All our projects grow from the desire of the communities we serve. Whilst we offer a prospectus of workshops and training, and a standard for the establishment of community coaching hubs, we work closely with our partners to ensure each project is specific to that community. Stakeholders and communities are at the heart of each project we develop as week seek to invest as much of our turnover into our service provision as possible.


If you have an idea you would like to develop in your community please drop us an email.

Metanoeo CIC is a uk based life coach training social enterprise shaped by the communitiy