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Down the Rabbit Hole



‘Suffering is the difference between who we are and who we wish to be’.



It’s an interesting statement. Some may think that suffering is a word that you apply to starvation or enduring abuse, unable to escape. But is that true? If you are reading this you are looking to improve yourself, to be a better version of yourself, to find something which is missing from your life. Is your life a long way from where you would want it to be? Does that result in unhappiness? If that’s true maybe that is a form of suffering. A longing to be something that you are not and may feel that you will never be. Your life stretches ahead of you and its going in the wrong direction. We look at Facebook and Instagram and we see other people’s lives seemingly perfect. Everyone with lots of friends and happy times, posting about their amazing new job or pay rise and we sit and feel even more lost. Social media has become our personal PR machines, we promote the life we wish we had to the outside world. No one post pictures of the day they couldn’t get out of bed because they couldn’t stop crying, or the drugs they just found in their teenage son’s bedroom. Our image of other people’s lives has become increasingly distorted and that leads to ever increasing feelings of isolation and difference.


But what do you do? You do nothing. Why? Because fear is paralysing. Or you can’t give up feeling safe. There is safety in suffering. If you try and shoot for your dreams and miss what then? You cannot imagine what failure would feel like and you are so busy looking down avoiding the opportunities that may release you from your suffering that takes all your energy.


Rabbits feel safe in their small dark holes. Nothing can get them in there. But do you really want to spend the rest of your life living in the dark?




By Deborah Coppock

11th December 2018

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