Community Coaching Hubs

Community Coaching Hubs

Metanoeo Community Coahing Hubs
Community coaching hubs
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Providing accessible life coaching in the community


To fulfil our vision we develop community coaching hubs where people can grow their wellbeing and life direction with the support of our life coaching students or members of their own community.


Each of our hubs is unique to its own location. They may comprise a combination of professional life coaches, student life coaches and / or volunteer peer coaches. They may also include other wellbeing professionals and therapists who are members of our guild. Each hub is relevant to its location and need.

Our community coaching hubs are developed in partnership with existing groups such as:


  • Community and faith groups
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Socially responsible businesses

Our coaching hubs will typically offer members of their community free at the point of contact peer or life coaching. We often see people who have received life coaching go on to become peer coaches to others.

Case Study


Since 2014 we have been working with My Clubmoor and St Andrews Community Network in the Clubmoor Area of Liverpool.


Through partnering with St Andrews Community Network we have developed a community coaching hub with 30 volunteers trained as peer coaches and access to free life coaching for more complex issues. We have been able to reach members of the community to support recovery from issues such as addiction, abuse and mental health, and also support people improve their quality of life.

Groups we have partnered with include:

Funders have included:

Getting Involved


There are a number of ways you could get involved.


Some of our current partnerships and funders are shown adjacent, but we are always keen to develop new partnerships in our bid to make wellbeing accessible to all parts of the community. You could become part of this movement by:

Partnering with us


Perhaps you could host or lead the development of a new coaching hub in your community or know of a group which would benefit from partnering with us.

Funding and sponsorship


We attempt to make all our projects self supporting and sustainable. However, we often require start up funding when we initiate a project and aim to make life coach training scholarships available to those who cannot afford to pay. If you would like to make a donation simply click the button below.

Partneing with Metanoeo CIC

Training with us


Alternatively, you might wish to train as one of our community life coaches and then either volunteer your time or build a social business.

Buying our merchandise


Alternatively, why not but some of our unique merchandise?


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