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Studying with us

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Ways to study


There are a number of ways you can study with us. The details for each course will show which options are available for the delivery of that specific course.

Our venue


Many of our courses are delivered at Metanoeo Community Campus as traditional group-based courses. Click the button below to find our venue.





Your venue


We can deliver our training at your chosen venue. We usually charge an additional fee to cover expenses. To find out more contact us using the button below.






Many of our courses are available on a one-to-one basis with the course tutor. This is a more expensive option but can be useful as it can allow the course not only to be undertaken in person, but also via video conferencing. Click the link below to request a one-to-one.




Online courses


We are currently working to upload our courses to the internet to make them available as online course. If you would like to be kept in touch with when they go live, please contact us using the button below.




Study guides


Some of our courses are available as self-study guides. Click here to see our current resources.

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