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metanoeo academy one day training courses

Supporting people with problematic behaviours


This training day is designed to help members of the community, volunteers, and people already working in the sector, to understand how they can support service users, friends and loved ones with problematic behaviours including addiction, antisocial and offending behaviour. The sessions include:


  • Supporting People - Verbal and non-verbal core communication skills for engaging the community.


  • Working through the difficult times - Supporting people to stay on track when things are tough.


  • Dealing with Substance Use - Identifying and supporting people with substance use difficulties.


  • Understanding Domestic Abuse - Identifying and supporting people around domestic abuse issues.


  • Promoting Pro-Social Behaviour 1 - Developing people’s vision for a better future; values and aspirations.


  • Promoting Pro-Social Behaviour 2 - Developing internal resources for journeying forward; problem solving techniques.

Engaging the values, beliefs and faith of service users


This training day has been designed to help participants engage the faith* of service users as a means of human and social capital in their journeys of change. It is suitable for people working, or wanting to work with individuals with behaviours which are difficult for them or their communities including addiction, antisocial or offending behaviour. The sessions include:


  • Identity - How can faith contribute to notions of identity.


  • Reconciliation - How can faith contribute to a sense of belonging.


  • Creativity and Spirituality - Engaging service users in their own sense of individuality.


  • Personal Resilience - How can faith be engaged to sustain clients in the tough times?


  • Purposeful Journeying - How can faith be engaged to support a sense of purpose and direction?


  • Practising Hopefully - What does it mean to take a hopeful approach to working with people?


*In this training faith is defined as including any belief, religion, spirituality or humanism which helps a person in their journey of change.



Personal Toolkit of Thinking Skills


Individual and Social Problem Solving


A one day interactive workshop. During the morning session we will look at the skills and techniques you can develop to help you identify, consider and solve problems you come across in your everyday life experiences. By the end of the session you will be equipped with a number of tools which you can use to help you make better decisions and improve the quality of your life.


We will follow this up in the afternoon developing thinking skills relevant to:


  • Self-management
  • Social interaction
  • Developing alternative perspectives
  • Conflict resolution

Personal Toolkit of Communication Skills


This interactive one day workshop has been designed to help people become more effective communicators. The workshop includes sessions on:


  • Communication theory
  • Barriers to communication
  • Adapting communication
  • Group communication
  • Technology and communication
  • Developing your presentation skills


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