Personal development and wellbeing


Personal development and wellbeing

Personal development and wellbeing

Our courses offered with a focus on personal development and wellbeing.

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One-hour workshops

One-day workshops

The Liberating Power of Creative Thinking (1 day)

Stress increases as our options decrease. At the most stressed times we often feel that all of our choices are gone. This one day course offers specific techniques which promote creative thinking and new choices for all of life's situations. Creativity is not about flamboyance or extrovert behaviour, it begins with an ability to generate alternatives. The tools shared in this training can be used well for any situation which requires new ideas and new perspectives. Whilst invaluable for writers, artists, poets, bloggers and vloggers - it is also useful for life itself (especially for those who are in helping professions).

This training day will be led by Nick Buchanan who has taught Ideas Generation and Thinking Skills to HND Graphic Design Students.

Personal Toolkit of Thinking Skills: Individual and Social Problem Solving

A one day practical and interactive workshop. During the morning session we will look at the skills and techniques you can develop to help you identify, consider and solve problems you come across in your everyday life experiences. During the afternoon session we will look at social problem solving considering:

  • Self-management
  • Social interaction
  • Developing alternative perspectives
  • Conflict resolution

By the end of the session you will be equipped with a number of tools which you can use to help you make better decisions and improve the quality of your life.

Personal Toolkit of Communication Skills

This interactive one day workshop has been designed to help people become more effective communicators. The workshop includes sessions on:

  • Communication theory
  • Barriers to communication
  • Adapting communication
  • Group communication
  • Technology and communication
  • Developing your presentation skills.

Personal Toolkit for Anger Management

This one-day interactive workshop will help you consider what anger is and how it can be managed. There will be sessions on:

  • What is anger?
  • Types of anger
  • What causes anger?
  • What we can do about anger?

There will also be space to consider issues identified by course participants.

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