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Transforming communities one life at a time.

Metanoeo CIC Mission and Values

Mission and values


Metanoeo exists to enable the disadvantaged, marginalised, troubled and troublesome to transform their lives, improve their wellbeing and rebuild their communities.


The logo branding has significance not only due to the meaning of the business name (to use your whole being to transform your life), but also the summary of the business’s name and purpose in the strap-line, from understanding to transformation.

To undertake our work we engage with people as unique, independent but relational, beings. To do this we work with the values, beliefs and faith. We summarise this in the slogan:


"What's important to you is important to me."

The use of three circles represents adopting a holistic approach to working with people and the triple foci of the enterprise; the troubled and troublesome; those supporting and working with them (including individuals, professionals faith and community groups); and the wider community including academia. Using primary colours denotes the limitless creative potential mixing primary colours brings; mixing the foci of Metanoeo’s work similarly creates limitless potential for working to liberate and transform lives. Metanoeo aspires to fulfil its mission striving to uphold the following values:


  • Being open and inclusive; whilst approaching its work from a Christian faith perspective, respecting all faiths and none.
  • Being hopeful; believing in the potential for individual and social change.
  • Being holistic, committed, considered and creative; taking a positive approach to working with people and academic development.

How we understand our values

Called out



We believe in being called out from the usual way of doing things ...




... to liberate individuals and communities ...



... and as a result see transformation.

Social values


Metanoeo CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise considering itself firmly rooted as a community organisation. These claims are substantiated by it's Community Interest Company status, the nature and values of the work and also our social commitment.








Social value is to be at the heart of business


Metanoeo has signed up to the Liverpool Social Value Charter which is a set of guiding principles to make doing business in Liverpool more ethical, greener and community-focused. The Charter has the full backing of Liverpool City Council and the Mayor of Liverpool and is based on the fundamental understanding that integrating social value into decision making not only creates benefits for others but also provides tangible business advantages.

Metanoeo has been established to see people's lives changed for the better. All the work undertaken is aimed to help people deal with behaviours which are problematic for them or their communities. This creates more cohesive communities and improved individual well-being

Building community

Supporting change, building community

Metanoeo believes that there is human capital in individuals, and social capital in communities, which needs to be developed to build better lives and a more cohesive society. As such, all of our training is designed to help change society at the grass roots level of communities and organisations aiming to enable vision and purpose.

Equipping community

Equipping the community to support change

Metanoeo is set up to make a profit not as a goal, but as a means of supporting the work undertaken to fulfil its social values. Some work is offered for free, and some at discounted rates. This is made possible through the work charged at the full rate.

Profits for purpose

Profits are to facilitate the aims and not become the goal


Metanoeo CIC is a community interest company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales company no 9589741.


Registered office:

Metanoeo Community Campus - Wirral, 72-74 Market Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 5BT

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